Child and Teen Testing

For Whom: Children, Adolescents

Behavioral or Learning Problems at Home or at School
Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Neglect, Physical or Sexual Abuse
Bonding, Adoption, Custody

Often, the first step in developing a workable comprehensive treatment plan is to do a psychological evaluation. We utilize the evaluation process to develop a “vivid snapshot” of a person’s current intellectual and emotional status and his or her treatment needs. Having conducted more than 7,500 evaluations, we are specialists in interviewing and administering individualized batteries of intellectual, projective and achievement tests. Psychological assessments yield comprehensive clinical knowledge about the individual. Therapy can then begin immediately to deal with essential underlying feelings. The result is that fewer therapy sessions are necessary to ameliorate our clients’ difficulties and to enhance their well-being.

We consult with Child Study Teams to help provide special services as well as modified mainstream educational programs. Advocacy services are provided when indicated.