Sexual Abuse Evaluation and Treatment

Sexual abuse is defined as forced sexual contact with a nonconsenting child or adult. Abuse may involve exposing, looking, touching, fondling, and/or intercourse. Abusive acts may or may not include violence. Perpetrators are typically known to the victims and are trusted (family, spouses, friends). Frequently, abuse is not detected for months or even years. Victims attempt to cope both emotionally and behaviorally with the trauma and humiliation. Some symptoms are dramatic changes in behaviors, weight gain, promiscuity, lack of interest, substance abuse and running away. Emotional changes include fears, anxiety, nightmares, anger, low self-esteem and lack of trust. We have training and expertise in evaluating and treating victims and perpetrators.

For Whom: Children, Adolescents, Adults


  • Accurate Clinical Assessment
  • Consultation with Division of Youth and Family Services
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Treatment: Psychotherapy for Victims and Perpetrators