Dr. Silikovitz provides psychological treatment services for a variety of psychological problems to adults, adolescents and children. Dr. Silikovitz also provides Forensic Psychology Consulting Services described elsewhere.

For Whom: Children, Adolescents, Adults

Relief of Anxieties, Depression, and Loneliness
Assertiveness Development
Relaxation Inducement and Stress Reduction

Individual, Couples or Family Therapy
Relaxation Training
Divorce Mediation

Psychotherapy is a treatment method designed to help an individual deal with the tensions and stressors of life in order to attain self-growth and fulfillment. One may be seen individually or with other family members. Therapy assists people to define problems and understand their emotional feelings. Primary goals are to modify current persistent negative feelings, attitudes and behaviors derived from the person’s earlier experiences, and to facilitate the development of new attitudes and behaviors.

In a society as dynamic as ours, people can easily feel alone, lost or forgotten. Psychotherapy helps individuals to take control and to have a better understanding of themselves, leading towards a life filled with rewards and personal, social, and emotional growth.

Dr. Silikovitz offers therapy for individuals, couples and families, focusing on issues related to self-esteem, identity, emotional functioning, stress, relationships, separation and divorce, parenting, and behavioral management.