Relaxation and Stress Management

For Whom: Children. Adolescents, Adults

EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS: anxiety, phobias, “Type A” personality, panic disorder, irritability, test anxiety,”stage fright,” performance anxiety
BEHAVIORAL SYMPTOMS: outbursts, excessive anger or crying, hyperactivity, shyness, impulsivity, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, learning problems
PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: headaches, stomach problems, ulcers, eating disorders, sleep disorders

Treatment: Relaxation Training, Deep Breathing Exercises

Medical research provides increasing evidence that a significant amount of physical illness is stress-related. When a physician rules out medical explanations, stress may be the cause. Stress, which may be acute or chronic, frequently exacerbates physical and emotional problems. If unattended, stress weakens one’s coping ability, and one often experiences a combination of emotional, physical, and/or behavioral symptoms.

We specialize in helping individuals relieve stress. Clients learn active and simple methods to relax, cope, and relieve their own symptoms. A relaxed individual who has peace of mind is likely to be productive and feel serene.